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One Rain Away

Check out my new album, One Rain Away, where rock and blues collide in our beautiful desert home. This album is a bit of a departure from the last one, exploring the rock and blues influences in my music.

This album was produced and mastered by Jim Pavett at Allusion Studios in Tucson.

I also want to say thanks to Jimi Giannatti for making everything about this record look so amazing and to Kate Hoover and Alicia Johnson for their photographic contributions.

Check out Stephen's last album, Songs from the Flying Heart.

I'm so proud to offer this collection of songs. We have been trying to determine a genre that describes this music. After a year of listening to every facet of this music, Stewart Williamson has nailed it with "Open Range Rock."

This is certainly not a country album, but it is by no means a straight away rock & roll record either. Ironically, it's a little of both. Kind of like me!